Easy Installation With A Lifetime Guarantee!

The Bolts That Make Toilet Installation Bullet Proof

The world’s first and only closet bolt with a patented easy to use directional foot indicator. Plus, it is the first and only closet bolt with our exclusive  Lifetime Replacement Guarantee.

Invented by a plumber, for plumbers, and homeowners that want to make their toilette installations full-proof and easy.

Never get call backs or a slipped bolt installation again!


Solid Brass Hardware


Solid Brass Bolts

Our Solid Brass Bolts not only make it easier to install because of the foot direction indicator, they are solid brass and meet or exceed every plumbing standard in the world.

Solid Brass Washers

We also made sure to include solid brass washers as well. Unlike many bolt sets out there, they use inferior cheap galvanized or stainless steel washers just to try and add a few cents to their profit.

Solid Brass Acorn Nuts

The third and hardware component is our solid brass Acorn Nuts. These provide a firm grip and make for worry free installation. This is why we are the first and only Toilet Bolt that has a Lifetime Warranty.

The World's Best Closet Bolts Used By The World's Best Plumbers And Smart Homeowners Everywhere!

The Only Closet Bolt With A Lifetime Warranty!

Solid Brass, Solid Value

We made the hardware with solid brass components

We use 60/20 non-ferrous brass for our bolts, nuts, and washers, and high-grade nylon for our Tinnerman nuts (it is 10 mils thicker than normal). So when you set it, it stays put and won’t move on you. 

ShurSet® is not brass plated, not galvanized, or not so stainless, stainless steel. 

Set it right the first time and forget it! Never have a costly call back again! We have you covered!

ShurSet® complies or exceeds every known plumbing standard in the world and can be used in every country.

Most importantly, you can now use it in the bathroom that matters most, YOURS!

Find What You Need.  Something as simple as a toilette installation should not take a lot of time and be worry free.  With the ShurSet® closet bolt, now it is.  Because now you always know that the foot is properly in the slot because or our foot direction indicator.  Now you can do the installation and know the toilet won’t leak because the foot moved while setting it.

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Got Questions?


Here are some of the most common questions that we get along with their answers.

You can buy them from one of our retail partners by using our retail finder and save the shipping or order them from us online by clicking HERE. 

We love helping train new plumbers! We will be happy to provide ShurSet™ Bolts for training! Just contact us and we will be glad to get you some. We are a big supporter or  Union Training programs and both public and private Vocational Schools.

Yes! If one of our ShurSet™ Bolts ever fails as long as you own your toilet, simple send it back to us and we will send you a brand new set. We are the first and only manufacturer to do so. This is because we do not cut corners in our manufacturing process and only source the best materials we can find.

There is a reason why nearly all building codes require at least a solid brass bolt. Because it lasts a long time and is corrosion resistance. We decided early on to take it one step further and go with all brass washers and acorn nuts as well. While this is more expensive, it is a far better product and stands the test of time. You will notice many other bolt sets that have the brass bolt because it is required by code, but the go with a cheaper galvanized or stainless steel. To us and all of our happy customers, this is just being penny wise and dollar foolish.

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