ShurSet™ Closet Bolt Instructions

How To Install Your Toilet With ShurSet™ Closet Bolts

The World's Best Closet Bolts Used By The World's Best Plumbers And Smart Homeowners Everywhere!

This is your package

Here is what you get inside:

Step 1.

Place Tinnerman Nuts On Bolts

This is what they should look like when completed.

Step 2.

Insert Bolts Into Flange

Put the bolt into the flange slot and then slide it down to where you want it and then turn the bolt 90 degrees so that the cleated foot spans the slot.

Step 3.

Set The Bolts In The Flange

Slide the Tinnerman Nut down against the flange. Make sure the flat part of the bolt is facing the side of where the toilet will sit. You can make it tighter by turning the Tinnerman Nut clockwise or by simply pushing it down. This keeps the bolts perfectly aligned.

Make sure both bolts are across from each other

The flat top of the bolt should be perpendicular to the pipe.
This shows you that the feet are properly positioned across the slot.

Step 4.

Set Your Toilet

Attach your wax ring per the set of instructions in the box onto your toilet or in case you are using a rubber ring, follow the instructions for placement. Carefully place the toilet down onto the flange and make sure your wax or rubber ring is seated. Check to make sure the toilet is in full contact with the floor.

Make sure the flat part of the top of the bolt is facing the toilet.

Place the plastic cap base on the bolt.

Then screw on the Acorn Nuts on both bolts.

Working from one side to the other, gently begin to tighten one nut a little bit and then move to the other nut.

Tighten them slowly and evenly from one side to the other to make sure you apply even pressure.
Tighten until they are snug but DO NOT overtighten as you can crack the porcelain.

If necessary, use a pair of pliers to break off the Advantage™ Notch (you no longer have to use a hacksaw) although typically it is just the right height.

Place the caps over the bolts and you are all done. Now wasn’t that easy?

Thank you for using ShurSet™ Closet Bolts.